Simultaneous modification of hundreds of genes can become reality

August 19, 2019  22:30

Simultaneous modification of hundreds of genes can become a reality, as the revolutionary technology was introduced by a team of scientists from the Swiss Higher Technical School (ETH), Nature Methods reported.

The possibility of simultaneous modification of 25 target sites in the cell genes was demonstrated within the experiment.

Experts note that in the future this indicator can be increased to several tens and hundreds, which is important from the point of view of biomedical research and the development of biotechnology.

According to Professor Randall Platt, who lead the experiment, new method makes it possible to systematically change entire gene networks in one step. For this purpose, a plasmid (a small DNA molecule capable of autonomous replication) was constructed. By placing it in human cells, it was possible to achieve modification and regulation of a number of genes at the same time.

The technology can also find application in the study of complex genetic disorders.

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