50 ambulance teams to work in Yerevan from September

August 20, 2019  12:43

Today 42 ambulance crews are working in Yerevan instead of the previous 35. From September 1, the number of brigades will increase to 50, Taguhi Stepanyan, director of the ambulance, told reporters.

According to her, if earlier one team served 30,000 people, now it will serve 20,000 people.

Another 14 new brigades, as noted by the Health Minister Arsen Torosyan, will appear in the regions of the country. However, the work will be organized there a little differently: if the same 20,000 people live in 10 different villages far enough from each other, one team will not be able to serve all of them, and additional teams can be introduced in such places, regardless of the number of people.

Today, Yerevan ambulance receives about 700 calls daily, but only about 200 patients - 30% - need hospitalization. This means that the remaining 500 patients did not really need urgent care.

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