Pig heart to be transplanted to person in near future

August 20, 2019  15:50

Over the next three years, people may begin to have transplanted pig hearts, said transplant surgeon Terence English from the UK.

According to the source, the first transplantation of a pig’s kidney to a person will be carried out already this year.

And heart transplantation will soon become possible if the result is satisfactory. This will help to meet the growing demand for donor organs: there are a lot of patients requiring transplantation, and donor organs are in short supply worldwide.

There are about 300 people on the waiting list for a heart transplant in the UK today, so specialists are looking for new sources of organs. Pig organs are considered the best alternative in size.

The development of science can make xenotransplantation (in which parts of the body are transplanted from one species to another) more possible, however, some experts believe that such a practice carries an unacceptable risk and therefore should not be tested in humans.

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