Women speak on terrible consequences of visiting solarium

August 20, 2019  21:02

Tony Willoughby, 29, from the UK posted a scary photo on Facebook, which shows wounds on her face, covered with crusts. Tony has skin cancer, which developed as a result of visiting tanning salons. Now she is afraid to die, leaving her two-year-old son an orphan, The Sun reported

Tony urged everyone to use sunscreen and avoid tanning, because a tan can not only spoil your appearance, but also lead to death due to cancer.

Jade Thrasher, 29, in her turn, said that she began to go to the solarium when she was 13 years old. In 2014, a spot appeared on the woman’s nose, which was very painful and gradually increased. As it turned out, the stain was a cancerous tumor. Doctors promptly removed the tumor, and she did not need additional treatment in the form of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, a huge hole remained on her nose, which plastic surgeons had to close after the surgery.

The nurse hopes that teens will learn about the dangerous effects of tanning in a solarium thanks to her story.

Kory Feltz, another affected woman admitted that at the age of 13, her peers teased her because of being too pale.

“As well as having a lump removed from her calf, she needed surgery on a cancerous mole on her lip. That left her with a huge scar and needing further reconstructive surgery,” the source noted.

Back in 2000, Lisa Pace was diagnosed with melanoma. Over the past 19 years, Lisa, 42, has had to undergo 90 surgeries.

According to the woman, the cause of the disease was too frequent visits to the solarium from high school.

According to The Sun, scientists attribute the increase in cancer mortality to the harmful ultraviolet radiation that people are exposed to under the sun and in tanning salons. Since the 1970s, when tanning beds appeared in Britain, the number of people who died from cancer has quadrupled.

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