Chinese man, 30, lives with worm in his brain

August 23, 2019  14:13

A 59-year-old man from the Chinese province of Jiangxi turned to doctors complaining of severe headaches that had plagued him for 30 years. As it turned out, a huge 10-centimeter worm had been living in his brain for several decades, AsiaOne reported.

According to the source, back in 1989, a patient played cards and suddenly he felt bad: his limbs were shaking and foam came out of his mouth. He was hospitalized and diagnosed with epilepsy, as well as he was prescribed treatment.

Although he regularly took his prescribed medications, he was still troubled by periodic bouts and a headache. But he hoped that over time his condition would improve.

A fire occurred in his villa in 2015 and when he tried to put out the fire, he had another serious attack.

The patient repeatedly went to the doctors, but each time he was given the same diagnosis. Only in July 2019, doctors decided to do an MRI and a blood test and found a parasite in his brain, which was the cause of all these symptoms.

Surgeons safely operated on the man and removed the worm.

Doctors suggested that the parasite could enter the patient's body when he drank raw water from a natural source.

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