Study reveals oral antibiotics increase bowel cancer risk

August 23, 2019  23:49

Oral antibiotics may increase the risk of developing certain types of intestinal tumors, School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University reported.

According to a study that includes data on over 166,000 residents of the UK, the risk of developing bowel cancer increased even after minimal antibiotic use and reached a maximum when taking drugs with antianerobic activity: for example, the penicillin group was most strongly associated with an increased risk of bowel cancer.

On the other hand, according to the study, taking antibiotics somewhat reduced the risk of colon cancer.

The authors of the study noted that this study only shows a correlation, but does not prove a causal relationship between oral antibiotics and bowel cancer.

Researchers strongly recommend that patients who have been prescribed antibiotics by no means refuse treatment or interrupt it. But taking antibiotics without serious need and without a doctor's prescription is impossible.

According to another study, you must be physically active until the rest of your life to be protected against intestinal cancer.

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