Why following Instagram bloggers promoting healthy lifestyle can be dangerous for your health?

August 29, 2019  15:17

Instagram bloggers prompting healthy lifestyle could the development of eating disorders in their followers, in particular, orthorexia.

Orthorexia is a proposed eating disorder characterized by an excessive preoccupation with eating healthy food. A person suffering from orthorexia cannot afford eating a cake or an ice-cream.

According to the statistics, orthorexia is more common in wealthy people who usually do detoxification programs, prefer organic food and exercises.

Experts believe that exclusion certain food products from your diet would lead to exhaustion, anemia, menstrual problem, lack of vital vitamins and minerals.

Another problem is that bloggers as a rule do not have education in the field of nutrition, so their advice an be not only illiterate and incorrect, but also dangerous to health. Therefore, in matters of nutrition, it is better to listen to experts, not bloggers.


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