Eyelash extension is dangerous to health?

September 3, 2019  21:27

A popular beauty eyelash extension procedure can be dangerous to health, according to Elizabeth Hawkes, a physician at Cadogan Clinic, a British ophthalmic clinic, The Sun reported

According to the doctor, an increasing number of eye infections associated with the use of so-called false eyelashes.

“With the rise of eyelash treatments also comes an increase in emergency eyelid problems and serious infections," she said.

Cases of blepharitis, a chronic inflammatory disease in which tumor growths appear over the eyelashes, may also occur.

The specialist also recalled that eyelashes are primarily designed to protect the eyes from dust and germs. They are also crucial for maintaining vision. Abuse of beauty procedures can lead to irreversible loss of eyelashes and vision problems, therefore, the specialist recommends that you treat these procedures with great caution.

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