Artificial intelligence develops 21 fibrosis treatment method

September 4, 2019  22:37

Insilico Medicine's GENTRL technology has developed potential treatments for fibrosis in 21 days and cost about $ 150 thousand. Experimental therapy has already shown promising results in preclinical testing in mice, Forbes reported.

The traditional method of finding candidate medicines took about eight years and cost millions of dollars.

AI developed candidate drugs in three weeks, after which scientists determined the most promising drug. It was synthesized in a laboratory and tested on mouse models, which in total took 46 days.

The developed drugs inhibit the DDR1 receptor, which is involved in the development of the disease, but its exact role has not yet been determined. Suppression of DDR1 is now considered by scientists as a possible therapy, therefore, Insilico Medicine and set this task.

Experimental therapy has not proved that it is more effective than existing inhibitor molecules so far. However, time and costs are an indisputable argument in favor of considering AI as an effective tool, the authors emphasize.

“We thought, ‘Can we make machines imagine new molecules with particular properties instead of screening large vendor libraries?’” Insilico CEO Alex Zhavoronkov noted.

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