Parents think they daughter, 5, has food allergy, but it turns out to be terminal brain tumor

September 4, 2019  15:10

Parent from the Irish city of Dublin thought their daughter, 5, had a food allergy, but it turned out to be terminal brain tumor, Mirror reported.

Sarah Smith noticed that her five-year-old daughter Lucy looks detached and does not play with her peers. After the girl vomited several times, her mother thought she had a food allergy.

Lucy Smith has been diagnosed with a brain tumour for which there is no treatment and she has just six to nine months to live.

“Lucy underwent emergency surgery and a shunt was inserted in her head to drain fluid from her brain. Her parents decided not to proceed with radiotherapy and have brought her home to make the most of their time together. The family have placed Lucy on a plant-based diet since her diagnosis,” the source noted.

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