Scientists name signs of imminent heart attack for men

September 5, 2019  20:03

Men who are overweight in their teens have an increased risk of heart attack until they are 65 years old, Dr. Maria Aberg, from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden said at the congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Paris.

According to her, an increase in body mass index (BMI) from 27.5 to 29.9 is associated with a 2.64-fold increase in the risk of myocardial infarction, and an increase in BMI from 30 to 34.9 increases this risk by 3.05 times.

The study, conducted by Dr. Aberg and her colleagues, was attended by nearly 1.7 million people. Observations of them showed that those who were overweight being teen were more likely to have myocardial infarction by the age of 50.

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