Woman left with mutilated body after plastic surgery in Turkey

September 6, 2019  16:31

Deb Thompson from UK, 47, flew to Turkey for the procedure to get rid of her saggy skin - but has been left in pain six months later, Mirror reported

“Always research the company and the surgeon extensively before committing. Make sure they have the right credentials and chat to women who have undergone the same surgery. I wish I had, it might have saved me from this misery,” she said.

At 5ft 6in, she weighed 11st 2lbs, so she joined a gym and ditched junk food.

In March of this year, Deb flew to Istanbul and underwent a 5-hour surgery. The surgeons told her that the surgeries were successful, but when she removed the bandages 4 days later, Deb saw a huge undulating scar on her stomach. She hoped the scar would be neat and inconspicuous.

The scar wasn’t the only problem: Deb’s stomach was swelling. But the surgeons told her that everything was fine and that the final result would be visible only after 6-12 months. Five days after the operation, the woman returned home.

The appearance of the abdomen did not change for the better, and in April she made an appointment with the therapist. The doctor examined the inflamed stomach and said that she would have to wait until the recovery period passed.

But Deb could not wait so much, moreover, fluid was accumulating in her stomach, and she had to turn to a nurse she knew with a request to remove the fluid.

Five months after a trip to Turkey, threatening with a court, the client forced the surgeon to pay her compensation of 1.8 thousand euros.

“I was forced to wear baggy tops to cover the lumps, I felt even more conscious than before I lost the weight. My mental health took a nose dive. I wanted to hide away and became isolated. I couldn't work and my confidence was affected. I even felt suicidal. My stomach felt like a water bed,” she said.

Deb is now preparing for a corrective surgery to restore the shape of the abdomen in the UK.

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