Which banknotes are the easiest to pass bacteria on?

September 13, 2019  10:40

Which country’s banknote are the easiest to pass bacteria on?

According to scientists from Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany, who conducted a study, the Romanian leu turned out to be the dirtiest currency. The Romanian currency won first place in the ranking of the dirtiest money because of the polymers that are used in banknotes for their durability, as well as the counterfeiting.

According to the study, bacteria also readily linger on US and Canadian dollars, as well as Indian rupees, TASS reported.

A group of scientists received the Ig Nobel Prize in economics. The 29th award ceremony was held at Harvard University on September 12.

As a comic cash reward, the authors of the study received 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars in one bill. At the time the banknote was issued, its market value was approximately 40 US cents.

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