Boy, 8, saves his mother from death

September 17, 2019  13:09

An 8-year-old boy from the English city of Flintshire, Wales, saved his mother, who had anaphylactic shock, Mirror reported.

A 34-year-old Jennifer Lamb, the mother of two children, was at home that day with her son William. The woman could barely breathe after eating a treat.

Struggling to breathe, the 34-year-old managed to get his attention by throwing things and making noise.

"I could hear vaguely the conversation between him and the operator and I remember hearing him say 'Mummy isn't well, she can't breathe’,” she said. "He started doing as they were telling him and he laid me on the floor and lifted my head back to help open my airways, because by that point I was absolutely gasping for breath. He opened the door ready for the paramedics but other than that he didn't leave my side.”

William, a pupil of Sandycroft County Primary School, said: "I was a bit scared at the time, and then just calmed down and was as cool as a cucumber."

The woman was taken to the hospital and taken tests to identify the cause of the allergy.

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