Girl, 2, stops growing due to mysterious disease

September 18, 2019  09:36

Adeline Davidson, 2, from the Scottish city of Alness has stopped growing due to a mysterious disease, Mirror reported

The girl was born in November 2016. Soon she was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction and successfully had surgery.

Then her health temporarily improved, but later her 25-year-old mother Steph Davidson noticed that the girl looked too pale. The woman decided to show Adeline to the pediatrician, but managed to get an appointment only on February 5, 2019. The doctor performed a blood test and suggested that the girl had leukemia. However, subsequent tests did not confirm the diagnosis.

Adeline was transferred to a larger hospital and underwent a series of tests that showed that her body had low levels of platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells - because of this she had pale skin, increased fatigue, breathing problems and bruises on her body.

In March, doctors concluded that only some of the girl’s symptoms are similar to myelodysplasia, a blood cancer, and a bone marrow impairment, but none of these diseases fully reflect Adeline’s condition.

The girl needs an urgent bone marrow transplant, but a suitable donor has not yet been found. She is regularly transfused to prolong her life.

Due to a mysterious illness, the girl’s body stopped developing, and now she looks much younger than her peers.

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