Microscopic particles of plastic found in German children

September 18, 2019  13:01

In the bodies of most of the studied German children under the age of 17 years, scientists found microscopic plastic remains, said researchers from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Robert Koch Institute.

From 2014 to 2017, scientists examined the urine of about 2500 children and adolescents aged from several months to 17 years, TASS reported referring to Der Spiegel.

In the obtained samples, they looked for the remains of plasticizers - substances that are part of modern plastics. They are excreted as a result of the fact that the body partially processes plastics, which enter it together with food packaging, parts of toys and drinking water, often packed in plastic containers.

Specialists found traces of plastics in 97% of the examined children. These substances were 11 types of plastics.

As Marike Kolossa-Gehring, one of the authors of the study, noted, the work of scientists clearly indicates that plasticizers and other components of modern plastics are actively accumulating in the body of children and adolescents.

What worries us most is that we found traces of plastics in young children, she said adding that this is due to the fact that industry is increasingly introducing plastic containers, while refusing from classic glass jars and bottles that are absolutely neutral to any environment.

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