Four-inch terrifying horn removed from man’s forehead

September 18, 2019  11:55

From the forehead of Shyam Lal Yadav, 74, a terrifying four-inch horn was removed, The Sun reported

A strange growth on the farmer’s head appeared about 5 years ago after a head injury, although the circumstances of the injury were not specified. First, a small bump grew on his forehead, to which the man did not attach importance. Then he asked the hairdressers to cope with the appendix, and then he also tried to cut the horn, but the seal grew all the time.

The man decided to go to the hospital when the growth became impossible to hide under a hat. After examining it, doctors confirmed that a horn consisting of keratin is growing on his forehead, like human nails or hair.

Neurosurgeons operated on him and sawed off the horn. A biopsy showed that the tumor was benign.

Doctors suggest that the horn on the patient’s skull may begin to grow again. They noted that this disease is considered rare. One of the reasons for the growth of the ‘devil's horn’ is considered to be exposure to sunlight.

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