Young woman has her healthy leg amputated due to constant pain

September 18, 2019  16:15

Helena Stone, 22, from London decided to have her healthy leg amputated due to chronic pain, Wales Online reported.

Helena Stone developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) after she was involved in a kayaking accident off the Welsh coastAccording to Helena, she had the feeling that her leg was stuck in a red-hot wire. Sometimes she howled in pain and rolled on the floor. In this case, the doctors did not find any problems with the leg - the leg was healthy.

Over the years, this intensified, so Helena could not walk independently and even take a shower. Then she made a decision that surprised many, and voluntarily had her leg amputated.

The girl is in the hospital, and soon she will have to learn how to handle crutches, and then walk on the prosthesis. But now the pain has disappeared, and Helena herself is confident that soon she will be able to ride her beloved kayak again.

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