Man told he’s going to lose his foot loses, so he loses 16st instead

September 18, 2019  18:24

George Middleton, 31 from the UK lost half of his weight after a doctor warned him that his leg might have to be amputated due to being overweight, Metro reported.

George dreamed of becoming a lawyer from childhood, but after graduating from university he faced a harsh reality.

He would eat 10,000 calories a day and trips to McDonald’s would consist of eating a large quarter-pounder, double cheeseburger, single cheeseburger, large fries, large milkshake and two apple pies.

He was told he is going to lose his foot as he had too much excess weight.

Then he decided to pull himself together and lose weight.

“I lost a lot of my friends. I was invited to things and would never go. I didn’t go to my sister’s or my best friend’s wedding. I saw a photo of myself posted on Facebook and I was so ashamed of my size that I couldn’t go to the stag do or weddings. Mum finishes Christmas shopping after starting on Boxing Day I must have been quite a scary sight for people – people wouldn’t look at me. I was a recluse for six to seven years. I was sat down by my doctor, who said “do you like having two feet?” After I said yes, she then told me I was in danger of losing a foot if I didn’t do something about my weight. That was the wake up call for me. Will Smith is a huge inspiration, and The Rock – I mean, who wouldn’t be inspired by The Rock?” George said.

Now he plans to become a personal trainer. He hopes to appear on TV to inspire as many people as possible.

Another patient, 22-year-old Helena Stone from London, decided to amputate her healthy leg due to chronic pain.

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