First case of severe lung disease caused by vape revealed in Canada

September 19, 2019  11:57

Canadian doctors believe that they identified the first case of severe lung disease caused by abuse of vape, TASS reported referring to CBC.

The patient is a teenager who was admitted to a hospital in the city of London (Ontario) with a serious lung complication.

According to CBC, the patient used vape daily.

Although we still cannot say for sure that the respiratory illness that this young man developed was a direct result of vaping, there is simply no other definable reason in this case, said representative of the medical institution Chris Maki. According to the channel, after the course of treatment, the teenager’s health improved, he was discharged from the hospital.

This case is likely to be the first officially registered in Canada when smoking e-cigarettes led to lung disease. Since September 18, the Ontario Ministry of Health has instructed regional health facilities to report all cases of lung disease that may be associated with vape use.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US recorded the death of five people who smoked e-cigarettes. In total, about 450 cases of diseases presumably caused by smoking vape were recorded in the country - in 33 states, as well as in the US Virgin Islands. Since August 1 of this year, these centers have begun a thorough analysis of pulmonary diseases for their relationship with electronic cigarette smoking.

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