Woman almost loses her hand, after being infected with carnivorous bacteria in nail salon

September 21, 2019  11:09

A resident of Tennessee claims that she almost lost her arm after being infected with bacteria that feed on the flesh in a local nail salon.

Jayne Sharp told WBIR-TV that she had several surgeries to remove large pieces of tissue into her hands that were affected by the infection. She claims that she first noticed symptoms several months ago after she was scratched with a thumb on her right hand during a manicure at the Jazzy Nail Bar in Knoxville. The finger began to throb, and she felt so bad that she could not sleep. She went to the doctors to get tested for the flu.

The analysis was negative. Meanwhile, the finger began to swell and swell strongly, and later the tumor spread to the entire arm, and a red rash appeared.

"Basically you have a break in the skin and this bacteria gets introduced under the skin into the soft tissue and then into the blood stream," Khou reported referring to Dr. Udit Chaudhuri.

He explained that necrotic fasciitis can be infected through an open cut or wound, the bacterium penetrates under the skin into soft tissues, and then into the bloodstream.

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