Unique herpes vaccine provides almost 100% protection

September 24, 2019  09:42

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania has developed a unique vaccine that can provide almost 100% protection against genital herpes.

According to Medical Express, the vaccine was tested on mice and guinea pigs. As it turned out, the vaccine provided almost 100% protection against the virus.

Inject the vaccine into 64 mice, which they then tried to infect with herpes. After 28 days, 63 rodents had the so-called sterile immunity: no traces of the virus were observed in their organisms. In the same way, 10 guinea pigs were vaccinated. None of the animals had characteristic rashes, and only two individuals showed signs of infection (but the infection was not in a form ready for transmission).

The vaccine contains a special mRNA that can create proteins that are important for a strong immune response. The tool stimulates 3 types of antibodies at the same time. The first blocks the penetration of the virus into cells, the second and third do not allow the virus to "disable" the protective functions of the primary immune response. Conventional vaccines, unlike this one, simply do not allow the virus to enter the cell.

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