Walnut turns out to be the most dietary nut

September 25, 2019  11:50

Consuming just 14 grams of walnut per day allows you to gain less weight. This conclusion was made by American scientists, comparing the dietary data of about 150,000 compatriots, TASS reported referring to BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health.

The problem with the fact that with age people gain weight is worrying not only Americans, but also people around the world. American scientists decided to find out how the consumption of various kinds of nuts (and peanuts, although it belongs to the legume family) affects the rate of increase in excess weight.

To do this, nutritionists took advantage of the data from three large studies of American diet, which took place from 1986 to 2011. In total, about 145,000 people participated in them, most of whom were women (about 117,000). Experts analyzed how the weight of all participants changed, as well as how many different nuts were in their diet (in particular, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts and others) and what kind of nuts they were. Scientists also evaluated the physical activity of the experimental subjects.

It turned out that from 1991 to 2011, Americans began to eat more nuts - an average of 2 to 14 grams per day in different groups. This coincided with the fact that the participants in the experiment began to gain weight more slowly. An analysis of data on certain types of nuts showed that those who ate walnuts were the most fat. But with peanut butter lovers, practically nothing happened - they did not begin to rapidly lose weight, but they did not become fat faster either.

Researchers suggest that people can gain weight more slowly due to the fact that nuts are quite solid foods. It takes a lot of energy to chew them, and to consume other products that are less healthy, a person has less energy. In addition, fiber contained in nuts stays in the stomach longer and the person feels full longer. Another reason may be that walnut fibers bind better to fats in the stomach and, therefore, are more excreted from the body.

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