5 possible reasons why you cannot stop eating

September 29, 2019  11:49

Five possible reasons why you cannot stop eating even if you want to.

TV series

Well, at least if you watch them too much. Sometimes you love series so much that you think it is a great idea to watch the entire season in a couple of days. Remember that eating near a TV or PC (or even a phone) contributes to overeating. While absorbing what is happening on the screen, our brain loses its ability to control saturation. In addition, exciting moments in films and TV shows lead to the release of adrenaline, which can stimulate hunger.

Nonfat yogurt

The experts believe that “nonfat or low-fat” is not “healthy”. In fact nonfat products, and not diary only, are perceived as healthier food. The problem is they do not contain enough protein, while the amoubt of refined carbs is more than you need. So, you are hungry already half an hour after a snack.

Phone notifications

Especially if you do not turn them off at night. Yes, even when it comes to vibration instead of sound. You may not notice, but even the slightest noise can affect the quality of our sleep. Even the slightest violation of sleep, in turn, can lead to negative consequences, including a violation of eating habits and digestive function. In particular, this is due to the natural increase in the amount of cortisol, which stimulates hunger.

Breakfast cereal

Eating cereal with honey and nuts or granola can be a problem. Blood sugar spikes will make you feel hungry minutes after your meal. Protein and whole grains – this is the best breakfast for you.

Chewing gum

Do you notice a sound in your stomach when you are chewing a gum? Chewing anything contributes to the formation of saliva, which sends a signal to the digestive system that it is worth preparing for a meal.
Nutritionists say that chewing gum can stimulate appetite, so it’s worth chewing after eating, and no longer than for 15 minutes.

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