Woman loses her legs and fingertips due to insect bite

September 26, 2019  11:51

Susan Buttery, 68, from Highworth, England, Wiltshire, caught a dangerous infection after being bitten by an insect and lost her legs and fingertips, Mirror reported.

That day Susan worked in the garden and at the end of the day decided that she had the flu. The symptoms, at least, were very similar. Her husband took her to doctors, who, however, decided that she was allergic, and still sent to the hospital for examination.

The next day, her husband came to visit Susan and found out that she was urgently sent to intensive care and introduced to an artificial coma.

“I was quite poorly when I went to hospital and they didn't know what I had - they thought I was allergic to something. I had flu-like symptoms and I was vomiting, so my husband Richard rushed me to the hospital where they were supposed to keep me in overnight. Richard came back the next day to see me, but they had put me in induced coma in ICU. The consultant said to my husband: 'You'll be lucky if your wife is alive on Monday'. But I'm still here. When I was in hospital I was a bit afraid, the different things I went through, especially when I was in the coma and coming out of the coma, it was so weird. I was swelling up inside, I couldn't breathe properly, and I ended up having a tube down my throat to help me. I was losing skin, I was losing fluid through the skin, and they've asked for help from other hospitals,” she said.

Susan spent eight months in the hospital and underwent 60 operations. To save the patient's life, surgeons amputated her legs and phalanges of the fingers.

After some time, the British set prostheses and recommended losing weight.

“Now I have made new friends. We meet and discuss our success in losing weight, ”she says. “I have not stopped loving gardening. I like to spend time outdoors and listen to the birds singing. But I became more careful and now pay attention to the buzzing around me. "I've got a different circle of friends now, very supportive. We all talk about our different weight losses.”

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