Why can’t you kiss babies?

September 27, 2019  18:37

A New Jersey resident warns why you should not kiss babies. On her Facebook page, Ariana DiGrigorio shared a photo on FB of her newborn son, Antonio, who is connected to medical equipment, Cafe Mom reported

"Adults — you are contagious up to 24 hours before you start showing symptoms!" she wrote. “Please keep your mouths/breaths away from a baby's face, hands, and feet. Don't be the reason a baby is hospitalized (or dead) because the baby was 'just so cute I had to kiss her!’"

"The runny nose, the cough, and the congestion all seemed to be getting worse," she said. "It's super awkward as a parent to have to tell someone (especially a family member or friend) to step away from your baby," DiGrigorio continued in her post. "It's also super difficult to stop someone from kissing your child after they're already going in for the kiss.”

The CDC offers similar recommendations for adults who are in contact with infants or young children, especially premature, chronic lung or heart diseases and a weakened immune system.

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