WHO proposes publishing “frightening inscriptions” on salt shakers

September 30, 2019  10:49

Scientists from different organizations have come together under the auspices of WHO, with the goal of global counteraction to the widespread excess of salt in the diet, Daily Mail reported

“Unhealthy diets are a leading cause of death globally. And excess salt consumption is the biggest culprit, estimated to cause over three million deaths globally in 2017.

The World Health Organization established a target for countries to reduce sodium intake by 30 per cent by 2025. And governments and the food industry have been working together to reduce salt in processed foods. However, urgent action now needs to be taken to raise consumer awareness of these dangers,” the former President of the World Hypertension League said.

However, according to WHO experts, urgent measures are now needed to raise consumer awareness. And the simplest thing is to place warning labels directly on packs of salt, as well as salt shakers in cafes and restaurants.

Dr Jacqui Webster, of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Population Salt Reduction, said: “Although most countries require sodium levels on labels in processed foods, they are difficult for people to interpret and don't warn of any health risks. Health warnings on salt package and dispensers would be a simple, cost-effective way of conveying the dangers of salt to billions of people worldwide.”

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