Woman, 52, becomes pregnant for 16th time and becomes oldest surrogate mother

September 30, 2019  12:04

Carole Horlock, 52, from England decided to have a 14th child for another family and became the oldest surrogate mother in the world to conclude a contract for the birth of a child, The Sun reported

Horlock lives in Essex with his 65-year-old husband Paul. She has two children from her first marriage: 29-year-old Stephanie and 25-year-old Megan. The British also became a surrogate mother for 13 children, for each of whom received up to 15 thousand pounds.

For the first time, Horlock decided to become a surrogate mother at the age of 27, when she already had her own children. The woman notes that she gave her first child 25 years ago without regret, because she saw the happiness of her new parents. For all these years, she once carried the twins and twice the triplets.

Horlock admitted that once everything went wrong. In 2004, she transferred the baby to a couple who decided to conduct a DNA test. Parents found that the father of the child is the husband of the surrogate mother - Paul, but the baby was still adopted.

According to her, there are older women who have children for their relatives, but she is the oldest surrogate mother who gives birth to children under a contract for a monetary reward.

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