50 US doctors arrive in Armenia as part of charity medical mission

September 30, 2019  16:03

Fifty doctors from the US have arrived in Armenia as part of the charity medical mission. During the current week, they will consult patients for free, perform surgeries and other procedures in medical centers of Yerevan and Armenian regions as well as in Artsakh in next week, Honorary Consul of Armenia in Fresno Berj Apkarian told NEWS.am Medicine.

Most of the doctors involved in the charity mission do not have Armenian roots, but expressed a desire to come to Armenia and help those who need their help.

“These people believe in the goals of our mission and want to serve people. When they see a smile on the patient’s face, this is a huge encouragement for them,” he said.

According to Apkarian, every year more and more experts and donors join the mission. Over four years, 4997 patients received medical care (including surgery) as part of the mission. This year, the mission includes five surgeons who will work in different clinics of the country, performing both small and large surgeries, as well as training local doctors, transferring their knowledge and experience to them.

According Dr. Vache Vassilian, who was involved in organizational work as part of the mission, a group of doctors is working in the village of Myasnikyan (Armavir Region); a group of dentists went to Vanadzor, another group to Gyumri, and several gynecologists to Akhuryan. Some specialists, including the famous surgeon Carl Owada, work in Yerevan. Doctors will work tomorrow in Masis, Myasnikyan, Vanadzor and Akhuryan, and from Wednesday - in the villages of Lori.

This year the mission also brought medical equipment to Armenia (including ECG devices, ultrasound, instruments for laparoscopic surgery) and medicines for more than $ 250,000. All this will be sent to the medical centers of Yerevan, Gyumri, Akhuryan, Masis, Myasnikyan, Karagerdi and, of course, in Artsakh.

As part of the mission, the operating room at the Ashtarak Medical Center was repaired for $ 325,000. The opening of the new operating room will take place on October 4.

This mission, as Apkarian noted, became possible thanks to the donations of the Armenian community in Fresno and other benefactors.

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