Young man dying of cancer marries his girlfriend

September 30, 2019  21:23

A young man dying of cancer married his girlfriend whom he had met for over 10 years, LancsLive reported

In 2016, 26-year-old Dan Cassidy was diagnosed with leukemia. He underwent a dialysis procedure and cleaned the blood, but soon he began an intracerebral hemorrhage. Doctors had to urgently introduce him into an artificial coma.

Dan safely underwent brain surgery, stem cell transplantation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. On Christmas Eve, he was discharged from hospital with remission. Then the British decided to offer his beloved Darcy Young to marry him. He took Darcy to her grandparents' favorite cafe and gave her a box of chocolates that said, He then gave her a box of chocolates with the words: 'Will you marry me?'  iced onto them.

Every 3 months, Cassidy was examined by doctors. In March of this year, he had a relapse. Doctors warned that he had only about a year left to live. Upon learning of this, the beloved moved the wedding to July.

Now they are enjoying every moment and trying to live out the time allotted to him to the maximum.

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