Mother finds sign of deadly disease by taking photo of her son

October 3, 2019  13:06

UK resident Stacey DeClerk saved her six-month-old son from a retinal tumor by examining one of the signs of the disease from his photo, The Sun reported

"It’s very hard to know if there are any symptoms, especially when children are so young. We keep thinking about how lucky we were to find it. If I hadn’t got that camera, it would be a completely different story. That Christmas present saved my boy’s eye,” she said.

At the hospital, he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a malignant tumor of the retina. The boy had three sessions of intra-arterial chemotherapy, as a result of which the child's tumor size decreased by half. However, the boy was left without eyelashes and eyebrows.

Now the boy will have regular medical examinations until he is five years old, since there is a chance of relapse.

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