Bill Gates hopes doctors will not have to save lives in next 20 days

October 9, 2019  10:11

Microsoft founder Bill Gates hopes that in the next 20 years we will see radical changes in global healthcare. As a result, in most countries the main task of doctors will not be saving lives, but improving their quality, HighTech + reported.

The solution to the problem of malnutrition is one of the main tasks Gates considers. Today, it annually leads to the death of over 2 million children under the age of five. However, in the next 20 years, this amount will be significantly reduced due to studies of the digestive tract microbiome.

According to Gates, children suffering from malnutrition, has different community of symbiotic bacteria as their healthy peers have. According to the 2013 work, these differences are manifested even in pairs of genetically identical twins who feed on the same food.

Additional studies have confirmed that foods and treatments aimed at creating healthy microbiomes help children absorb more nutrients and avoid developmental delays.

These drugs are still in the early stages of testing, but Gates is confident that success is not far off. The main advantages of funds aimed at the formation of healthy microbiomes, he considers their cheapness and ease of manufacture. He emphasizes that while microbiome problems are not the only cause of malnutrition, exposure to them may be most effective.

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