Woman sheds 154lbs with help of gastric band

October 13, 2019  11:57

Angela Gerzanics, 35, from Michigan, US, lost 154lbs after she refused junk food, Daily Mail reported. l

“The mother-of-two used food to improve her mood ever since she was a youngster and it soon became her only coping mechanism - with the assembly technician being diagnosed as overweight at just nine-years-old,” she said. “She pretended to be happy for years until in 2015, she suddenly realized that she didn't want to cut her time with her sons Anthony, 15, and Justin, 7, short because of her unhealthy lifestyle.”

In August 2016, Angela had a gastric band fitted, and excess skin removal procedure and decided to dramatically improve her lifestyle and diet. In June 2018, she underwent surgery to remove excess skin.

After losing weight, Angela wears clothes 10 sizes smaller than before, and feels more confident. She admits that the decision to lose weight completely changed her life: now she has much more energy that she spends on her family.

Photo: Angela Gerzanics

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