Negative effects of office work named

October 14, 2019  14:48

As experts noted that due to adverse conditions in the office environment, employees began to get sick more often.

The main reason for this situation is the deterioration of air quality in office premises, caused mainly by improperly organized ventilation and insufficient air exchange, intense computer work, and crowded staff in the premises, the scientists noted.

Specialists also attributed to the dangerous consequences of such work neurosis and anxiety, which develop against the background of frequent stresses due to high professional requirements, lack of support in the team or decent remuneration, as well as fear of losing a job.

Psychological problems, in turn, can lead to the development of organic diseases, for example, the nervous and cardiovascular systems. According to scientists, problems at work are also fraught with impaired reproductive function.

To avoid problems caused by the ‘sedentary’ nature of work, the office worker should take time to charge, therapist Lyudmila Lapa recalled.

It is equally important not to forget to drink water or tea, which will help reduce the burden on the kidneys and restore blood vessels.

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