Why companies should not be afraid to hire people with dyslexia?

October 15, 2019  13:11

New research claims that companies can count on the future of their workforce by hiring people with dyslexia, CNBC reported.

EY Consulting Company used data from the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Made By Dyslexia charity to show how people with dyslexia fit the skills that will be needed in the workplace in the future.

Referring to the WEF forecast about which skills will become most popular by 2022, the EY report emphasized how certain opportunities are becoming more or less useful for employers in the context of growing automation.

According to the report, the need for processing and manual features such as time management, reading, math and active listening are reduced. Meanwhile, creative and social skills, such as leadership, analytical thinking, and technological design, are becoming more and more in demand.

The authors of the report also highlighted the many abilities and skills that are usually observed in people with dyslexia, which will be vital for all industries by 2022. These included leadership, social influence, creativity, initiative and the generation of ideas.

The report calls on companies to take several steps to engage people with dyslexia, encouraging employers to develop a neurodiversal ability that understands the various cognitive characteristics. The combination of automation, culture and neurology may be the key to unlocking the value of dyslexia and future organization, say EY researchers.

They encouraged CEOs and business leaders to share best practices and knowledge in order to understand the value of dyslexia, invest in clear automation and human resources strategies, and strive to create a “future-proof” workforce for neurodealers.

Neurodiversification refers to various ways the human brain works and interprets information.

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