Stress ahead of pregnancy linked to birth of girl

October 16, 2019  09:54

Women experiencing depression or anxiety shortly before conception give birth to girls more often than more future mothers who are calmer. This conclusion was made by a group of American researchers, TASS reported referring to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The idea of ​​such a study of scientists was prompted by statistical data, according to which after the national disasters in the US - the explosion of the World Trade Center buildings or the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - more girls were born in the country than boys.

The experiment involved 187 pregnant women. Experts analyzed their psychological state based on 27 different indicators of stress levels. The experts compared the data with the sex of the unborn child. The results showed that in women who experienced both psychological and physical stress, girls were born a little more often.

Scientists found that the ratio of girls to boys in expectant mothers who experienced stress associated with insufficient daily routine, physical activity, or other tangible reasons was 9: 4, and for women who experienced psychological stress, 3: 2. The authors explain this phenomenon by the fact that male embryos need more time in order to go through the early stages of development. This makes them more vulnerable to inadequate conditions in the womb.

The greatest risk, according to the head of the study, professor at the Medical Center of Columbia University (New York) Catherine Monk, is exposed to those pregnant women who experience an extremely long psychological stress before the birth of the baby, and also suffer from depression.

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