UK mom, 44, pregnant with 22nd child

October 21, 2019  09:51

Sue Redford, 44, the mother of the largest family in UK, is pregnant with a 22nd child,  The Independent reported

She reported this in a video on the family-owned Youtube channel The Radford Family.

Sue and her husband Noel showed their followers the results of an ultrasound scan. Last year, the couple claimed that they would no longer have children, as they already have 21 children, the last of which was born in 2018.

But now Sue is in her 15th week of pregnancy, and soon they will be able to find out the gender of the baby. According to Sue, she wants a boy, and, thus, she will have 11 children of each gender.

The family does not receive special benefits from the state, except for ordinary child benefits. They live on money from a family bakery as the father and some older children work.

When Sue was pregnant with a ninth child, her husband did a vasectomy. However, then the couple decided that they wanted more children, and Noel again did the operation to regain the opportunity to conceive children.

Photo: The Radford family Facebook page

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