There are no pills or some anti-obesity diets, specialist says

November 2, 2019  18:58

There are no pills and diets that could cure a person of obesity, says one of the founders of the Spanish Society of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Joan Pujol Rafols.

According to him, only a total change of lifestyle can help a person with obesity, but few are ready for such changes.

According to the expert, the fight against obesity in the modern world is ineffective, and there are more and more overweight people, because there are very few effective methods of dealing with this problem. There are no drugs or diets that could help people with obesity. To get rid of this problem, you need to completely change your lifestyle or resort to surgical treatment, for example, gastroshunting.

As doctor noted, the main problem of this fight is the ability to maintain normal weight after losing weight.

According to him, there is no diet that would be effective in the fight against obesity until the end of life, and there is not a single medicine to treat obesity.

The only truly reliable way is to completely change the lifestyle, with the systematic observance of healthy habits, he added.

Complicating the fight against obesity is the fact that this problem does not have any specific, single reason. Pujol identified several factors that can be the reason of obesity: a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, nutrition, and a genetic predisposition.

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