Boy, 17, dies after playing video games all night

November 6, 2019  15:30

Piyawat Harikun, 17, from Udon Thani, Thailand, died after playing video games all night, Daily Mail reported.

The teenager had school holidays and devoted all his free time to video games. He didn’t even go out to eat as his parents brought food to his room.

Once, Piyawat's father Jaranwit has gone to the bedroom and found his son fell from the computer chair and was slumped against a PC tower on the floor.

“There was a pile of takeaway boxes on the desk and a bottle of fizzy pop at his feet, while his headphones were resting on top of another computer tower,” the source added.

A teenager died of a stroke that occurred most likely amid playing the video games.

Jaranwit told the story of his son to warn other parents about the need to protect their children from video games’ addiction.

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