Armenia to regulate use and sales of tobacco in accordance with legislation

November 8, 2019  14:48

YEREVAN. – Armenia will regulate the use and sales of tobacco in accordance with its own national legislation and technical regulations, Deputy Health Minister Lena Nanushyan said.

Armenian parliament’s standing committee on Eurasian integration held a debate to discuss reducing and preventing health damage due to tobacco products.

According to the Eurasian Union’s (EAEU) legislation, 50% of a package of cigarettes should be covered with special information warning about the dangers of smoking and a picture showing the consequences of smoking. Moreover, according to the legislation of Armenia, this figure is only 30%, and similar pictures are not recorded on Armenian cigarettes. Deputy Minister noted that there are contradictions with the legislation and technical regulations of the EAEU.

It was mentioned that after approving the legislative initiative aimed at combating smoking Armenia in fact would mechanically switch to the requirements specified in the EAEU technical regulations in 2024. Armenian side is not going to resort to the use of “frighten consumers with pictures” and plans to limit this to a warning record only.

A day before parliamentary committee on economic affairs discussed legislative initiative to combat smoking. The package envisages restrictions, including a ban on smoking in indoor public places. The bill also provides for restrictions related to the advertising of tobacco products and tobacco-containing electronic devices, as well as defines public places where smoking will be prohibited.

However, the deadline for some restrictions was extended. From January 1, 2024, restrictions on the demonstration of tobacco products, as well as their logos, trademark or other signs and the company-producer on tobacco packaging, will come into effect. Legislative package proposes to ban advertising of tobacco products on banners, on public transport and in media.

Smoking in public transportation, at educational, medical facilities and cultural organizations and playgrounds will be banned.

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