5 obsolete drugs that are still popular in post-Soviet states

November 10, 2019  16:58

Many residents of the countries of the former USSR still continue to use the medicines that their grandmothers and great-grandmothers once used. These drugs are now considered obsolete, and their effectiveness is being seriously questioned:


In the last century, analgin was a fairly popular pain reliever - mainly because there were few alternatives. However, analgin can cause many dangerous side effects, so it is now prohibited in many developed countries.


Biseptol has been used in the past for diseases of the upper respiratory tract. However, due to the improper use of this and other antibiotics, many pathogens have developed resistance to them. Today, the use of Biseptolum may not give absolutely any therapeutic effect.


According to experts, drinking corvalol for heart pain is useless as it does not give a therapeutic effect.


Validol is another popular remedy, but it has placebo effect, experts say. Validol can act as a sedative.


Chloramphenicol is also outdated with a lot of side effects. If necessary, you can use antibiotics that are more subtle - and only as prescribed by the doctor.

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