3 most dangerous diets that can harm your health

November 15, 2019  15:30

Diets are ineffective for long-term weight loss - many studies have confirmed this. However, some diets not only do not help to lose weight and maintain weight, but can also be harmful to health, especially if you stick to them for a long time.

Raw food diet

A raw food diet is the toughest branch of vegetarianism, which involves eating only raw plant foods. Professor and nutritionist Chris Gardner (US) believes that the human body is simply not adapted to digest so much raw plant food.

A raw food specialist will have to eat 85 tomatoes and 40 carrots during the day to gain the required amount of calories - this is absolutely unacceptable, said Dr. Gadner.

In 30% of women, after prolonged adherence to such a diet, menstruation disappears, and this is one of the evidence of the danger of such a diet.

Keto diet

Keto diet consists of 90% fat-rich foods. As a result of low carbohydrate intake, the body forms the so-called ketone bodies, which have a toxic effect.

Many keto diets really help to lose weight, but sticking to them for a long time is psychologically difficult.  By the way, kidney stones, constipation, gastrointestinal tract malfunction, atherosclerosis, and other problems can be side effects.

Paleo diet

Paleo diet suggests eating foods that people ate before the development of agriculture. It is allowed to eat vegetables, fish, meat, nuts, vegetable oils and some fruits. Dairy products, cereals and sugar are prohibited.

However, nutritionist Chris Gardner believes that paleo diet has very little to do with the diet of ancient people. Our ancestors did not eat meat constantly, the basis of their diet was complex carbohydrates: cereals, vegetables, and legumes. And excluding them from the diet, according to the expert, is fundamentally wrong.

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