Obesity is dangerous for the brain, research says

November 26, 2019  20:12

Amid obesity in adolescents, serious injuries and inflammatory processes are observed in the structure of two departments of the brain, neurologists from the University of São Paulo said.

Scientists have shown that these structural changes and the associated inflammatory processes were accompanied by similar shifts in the concentration of insulin and leptin, hormones important for metabolism and appetite regulation, TASS reported.

According to them, they plan to repeat similar measurements on adolescents who have undergone a course of treatment for obesity in order to assess whether these changes are reversible.

As part of the study, scientists performed an MRI scan of the brain of adolescents and analysis of their blood. Scanning made it possible to track the flow of blood and other fluids in the corpus callosum and under the orbital fissures. As it turned out, these flows were weaker than usual. A decrease in brain activity correlated with an increase in the concentration of TNF-alpha and interleukin-6, which are linked to the development of inflammation.

According to scientists, the two areas of the brain that attracted attention are responsible for self-control, processing of emotions and regulation of appetite. Experts revealed changes in the concentration of leptin and insulin - hormones responsible for metabolic processes and a feeling of hunger.

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