Woman wakes up from coma to feed her crying baby

December 2, 2019  10:59

Maria Laura Ferreyra, 42, from the Argentine city of San Francisco, woke up from a coma to breastfeed her hungry daughter, The Sun reported

The woman was hospitalized after a robber attack. Falling from a motorcycle, she hit her head on the ground and fell into a coma.

She had been in a coma for a month, and the doctors had already told her family that she was likely to die soon. Relatives of the woman were even offered to donate her organs to patients in need of a transplant. However, Ferreira's husband Martin Delgado was sure that his wife would live.

Martin brought their youngest two-year-old daughter to his mother in the hospital. The girl whimpered, as she usually did when she was hungry. Maria suddenly stirred, raised her shirt and gave her daughter a chest.

All eyewitnesses cried when they saw mother and daughter hug each other. According to Martin, his wife touched her daughter the way she did before the incident.

Nevertheless, the woman has not yet fully regained consciousness and does not react to the words of her relatives.

"What we hope is justice is done, for the three kids who are waiting for her and are suffering a lot,” he said.

Photo: Martin Delgado

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