Is it possible to literally die of laughter?

December 3, 2019  19:47

Is it possible to literally die of laughter? It turns out that it is possible, and a lot of cases have been described.

For example, in 1989, a doctor from Denmark, Ole Bentzen, went to the cinema to watch the British-American comedy A Fish Called Wanda.While watching the movie, he laughed and his pulse accelerated and reached 500 beats per minute. The laughter turned into hysteria, and he had a heart attack. This is one of the most famous deaths due to laughter.

For 14 years before, in March 1975, a 50-year-old British mason Alex Mitchell watched his favorite TV series and laughed continuously for 45 minutes.The man died of a heart attack

Although laughter is useful and is thought to prolong life, laughing too long can lead to dangerous changes in the body, including provoking injuries to internal organs, increasing the pulse, and accelerating the course of existing diseases of the brain and other organs.

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