Doctors in Spain revive British woman after six-hour cardiac arrest 

December 6, 2019  11:00

Doctors in Spain have revived British woman after six-hour cardiac arrest, The Guardian reported.

"She and her husband, Rohan Schoeman – who live in Barcelona – set out from Coma de Vaca to Núria on the morning of 3 November. Around lunchtime, after the temperature dropped and it began to snow, Schoeman noticed that his wife was speaking oddly and becoming incoherent. Shortly afterwards, she stopped moving and fell unconscious. He rang friends, who helped firefighters and rescuers locate them and launch a helicopter rescue operation. But bad weather delayed the rescue and by the time they reached the pair, it was 3.30pm,” the source noted.

According to the spouse, they recorded a body temperature of 18 degrees. The woman was urgently hospitalized in Barcelona, ​​where doctors managed to reanimate her after a few hours. Doctors said this case is exceptional.

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