Healthy army cadet dies after "turning his head too quickly”

December 7, 2019  09:50

Cadet Ben Littlewood, 17, from Dukinfield, Manchester, was making tea for his younger sister when he suddenly collapsed as he turned his head too quickly, The Sun reported.

Ben never complained about his health, never drank alcohol or smoked. One he returned from college and looked after his little sister, and his mother, Vicki Brocklehurst, went to work. Later, she discovered a missed call from her son and called him back, but the boy did not pick up the phone.

The woman felt that something had happened, took leave from work and came home. She found her son lying on the kitchen floor. The boy’s 2-year-old sister was sitting in the kitchen. Vicki suggested that her son tripped over a bowl, fell and hit his head.

The teenager was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. One senior medic who carried out a brain scan on Ben later said he had not come across a case in 12 years of treating patients.

Eight days after hospitalization, Ben passed away. Analyzes showed that he died as a result of vertebral artery thrombosis from an ischemic stroke.

Photo: Ben Littlewood family

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