UK woman loses 76 kilograms for her 30th birthday (PHOTOS)

December 31, 2019  19:31

Many people manage to lose weight only after a surgery, but Sarah Wass from the English city of Batley, West Yorkshire County, lost 76 kilograms with just proper nutrition and sports, Daily Mail reported.

Sarah Wass, 30, tipped the scales at 24st 10lb.

"I've been called a 'fat cow' by strangers when I've been out and you feel people looking at you, judging you. "It got to the point where I didn't like to go out. I just used to stay in my own little bubble at home. I would avoid going anywhere if I could," said Sarah, from Batley, West Yorkshire.

"I have been big all my life. I had such a bad diet and I didn't exercise. I used to struggle just walking around and I would get out of breath really easily. People I know would make jokes about my weight. It was only banter and they didn't mean anything nasty by it, but it gets to you," she added. "People think I have had weight loss surgery and don't recognise me. Friends I haven't seen for a while will double take to see if it's me. My health is through the roof. I'm energetic and I can do a lot more with my daughter. Now we go for days out and we go to the park. After the weight started to come off, I thought I can't go back."

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