Is it advisable to eat both proteins and carbohydrates during a meal?

January 13, 2020  18:43

The opinion that the simultaneous use of proteins and carbohydrates negatively affects metabolism and contributes to weight gain is still very popular. However, nutritionist Aitor Sanchez (Spain) refutes this myth.

According to him, proteins and carbohydrates can be mixed, and nothing bad will happen.

According to La Vanguardia, Dr. Sanchez said the allegations of the need for separate consumption of proteins and carbohydrates have no scientific basis.

There is research evidence that mixing carbohydrates and proteins is just useful, since the assimilation of food in this case is much smoother, which helps to avoid negative changes in the body, he noted.

According to the expert, the very idea of ​​consuming proteins and carbohydrates separately is artificial, because it is actually almost impossible to find a product that would contain only one nutrient - be it protein or carbohydrates.

Almost all of our dishes contain a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins, as well as fat. Very few products in their composition can contain only one nutrient - it is sugar or butter, he said.

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