Teen from UK faints when laughing

January 14, 2020  14:59

Billy Hodgson, 17, suffers from a rare disease that makes her lose control of her body when she laughs, Daily Mail reported.

Cataplexy is a rare complication of narcolepsy in a girl. During laughter, the girl has muscle paralysis, and she may fall to the floor. Sudden muscle paralysis in people with this disorder can occur not only because of laughter, but other emotions - delight, anger, and even surprise.

Because of this disease, Billy tries to communicate less often with friends who like to joke a lot. Billy actually loves the company, but if suddenly someone jokes in her presence, she has to use all her might to maintain a serious expression on her face. Others perceive this is not always adequate, even if they know about her disease. Therefore, the girl prefers to spend more time with her family, where she is protected from any unrest that could cause an attack.

Cataplexy attacks can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Some people with this disorder experience only a couple of seizures per year, while others experience several per day. The disease can be controlled with sedative drugs, but they cannot be taken for life. Therefore, the best tactic for such people is to abstain from strong emotions.

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